Customers wishing to purchase from us must agree to certain conditions. If you do not agree to one or more of the following conditions, we will be unable to ship to you.

International Customer Conditions:
Pay all shipping fees.
Pay any and all taxes, duties, permits, etc.
Pay via Wire Transfer, check, EFT or Paypal.
Mackrill Knives will advise on International delivery times. We use UPS, DHL or FEDEX to deliver. It usually takes about 4 weeks to get a CITES or dead game permit.
If items get lost, stolen, or seized by customs, we are not accountable, and cannot give a refund UNLESS the package gets returned to us.
Customers should understand the carry laws in their own country and have proper permits where applicable.
Pay all shipping fees for returns, exchanges, and warranty work.

Domestic Customer Conditions:
Pay all shipping fees.
Pay via EFT, check or Paypal.
All domestic deliveries are done by postnet, or the SAPO. Please be advised, that there is no guarantee when shipping with the SAPO.

No goods are shipped prior to payment in full.

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