Blackcaste was established in 2010 by Stephen Mackrill
Blackcaste, also known as Blackcaste Tactical or BCT, is the tactical section of Mackrill Custom Knives and was started by Stephen Jnr. Stephen was a member of the police bomb squad and a staff sergeant in a Special Forces unit. He was trained in counter terrorism, VIP protection and team entry among other things.

Stephen worked in the private security sector for a while before studying law. He decided that law was not to his liking, and joined his father, who was a well known knife maker. Stephen had been making knives part time during school holidays for many years, so was not new to the industry and he knew that he liked knives and firearms.
He is a keen competition shooter, and has shot for state and country. He has held many records and has three medals from two world championship shoots, as well as a medal from the African championships. He has used the knowledge he gained from combat to design tactical and fighting knives. He has been a knife maker and designer for over 20 years and strives for perfection.

BCT uses the most advanced design technology and 3D programs to design their knives to the highest standard. All the knives are made by hand to give them their unique look, feel and appeal. BCT is able to make one of a kind knives as well as limited quantities of the same design. All the knives will have their own character and feel, as when made by hand, none of them can be exactly the same.

Blackcaste export 95% of their knives to the USA and Europe. The blades are made from 12c27 Sandvik semi-stainless, Bohler N690 semi-stainless or Damascus steel. The clients who design their own knives get something they may have dreamed about for a long time. All these knives are hand-cut on a metal-cutting band saw.

All work is hand-crafted. The blades are profiled and ground using the stock-removal method. All knives are vacuum heat-treated in-house, therefore ensuring a standard Rockwell hardness of 58-60. The beauty of the knives not only lies in the blade, but in the artistic finish of the handles.
The handles are made in G10, carbon fiber, titanium or stainless steel liners.

A limited lifetime guarantee is given on this outstanding workmanship.

No endangered species like rhino or elephant products are used, as Blackcaste are ardent supporters of nature conservation in every possible way.

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