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What are the uses of a tactical knife?

Tactical knives have many uses, ranging from the practical (such as opening boxes, and cutting rope, twine, heavy tape) to more of a sporting use (such as in fishing and hunting: cutting line, digging out hooks, cutting branches or clearing your way through brush). Tactical knives are usually more ergonomic than other knives; they fit your hand better and are easier to keep a grip on. Tactical knives are light, easy to handle, and strong.

What is a tactical knife?

A tactical knife has one or more military features designed for use in extreme situations. Originally, tactical knives were used by the military for combat and as a tool out in the field, and were usually fixed-blade knives. Tactical knives are longer and stronger than pocket-knives. They typically feature stainless-steel blades. Higher quality tactical knives use 400-series stainless steel and titanium. Tactical knives feature either fixed or folding blades.

Folding-blade tactical knives feature a lock to prevent the blade falling out of the fixed blade position during use. Folding tactical knives are made either in a frame lock, or liner lock design. The frame lock has G-10 or carbon fiber on one side and titanium on the other. Liner locks have either stainless steel or titanium frames and handle material on both sides. This can be had with or without a bolster.

BCT uses the most advanced design technology and 3D programs to design their knives to the highest standard. All the knives are made by hand to give them their unique look, feel and appeal.

Some folding tactical knives have a stud to facilitate one-handed blade opening, and some have cut-outs along the handle for ease of grip and help make the overall knife lighter. Also, some of the knives come with a belt clip to easily fasten the knife where desired.

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